Insp!re events organizes corporate events satisfying all of your requirements, in order to succeed – on behalf of you – to promote your company and to build strong relations between customers, co-operators and staff.


Our experts from the corporate events’ department of insp!re events will meet and discuss with you about the type of the event (convention, seminar, gala, presentation etc) in order to have a general approach and to note the basic requirements for your event.

If you have chosen the place for your event, our experts will visit that place in order to decide if it is suitable for the type of the event and the specific requirements. Otherwise, they will suggest other places more suitable for the case. They will also inform you about the menus, the prices and the details for the place and the setup.

We can provide everything that makes an event to be successful: catering, staff, conference equipment, audio and visual equipment, special effects, special constructions, decorations etc.

Our staff is experienced and trained and it guarantees the high quality of the services that we provide.  The staff also wears special costume and works with interphone system.